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We are excited to announce the development of a DUI mobile app that will expedite & streamline case file analysis, trial preparation, and court proceedings for trial attorneys in DUI related cases. DUI EXPERT APP will be available for use on smart phones, ipads, and android tablets and will be available for download in the apple app store and google play store very soon.

Once released, attorneys will be able to subscribe to DUI EXPERT APP on a month to month basis. No long term subscription is required. Once subscribed, attorneys will be able to access DUI EXPERT APP wherever they have their smartphones, ipads, or android tablets.

Currently we our offering a pre-release price of just $79/month for attorneys who sign up on our announcement list to be notified when the app is launched. By pre-registering, you are not obligated to subscribe to DUI EXPERT APP once it is launched.

Pre-registration form coming soon.


  • Provides a Final Report that includes the portions of the SFSTs that were done correctly & incorrectly and which clues are valid and invalid based on information provided by the user.
  • Quick reference links to easily navigate through the standardized procedures, clues, and scoring of the 3 standardized field sobriety tests.
  • Quick reference links to easily navigate through the Vehicle In Motion cues & Personal Contact cues.


  • All information includes the exact chapters & page numbers from the 02/2018, 10/2015, 05/2013, 08/2006, and 02/2006 NHTSA instructor and student manuals, as well as various NHTSA studies.
  • Highlights most common errors by officers during all 3 SFSTs and which portion of the tests are invalid as a result of the errors.