Advanced DUI Seminar for Law Enforcement - Atlanta, GA

This 1-day seminar will prepare the officer in conducting a complete, thorough, and effective DUI investigation from the time the officer first observes driving, all the way through to preparing for and delivering courtroom testimony.

Prerequisite: Only full-time law enforcement may attend this course.

Prerequisite: Participant must have completed a NHTSA approved DUI/SFST student course.

Areas Covered:

  • Recognizing & articulating the NHTSA Vehicle in Motion & Personal Contact cues.
  • Properly administrating, interpreting, and scoring the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.
  • Avoiding common errors made by officers during the SFSTs.
  • Effectively utilizing the in-car video camera during a DUI investigation.
  • Delivering effective testimony.
  • The Defense’s view point.

Speaker: Anthony D. Palacios – IDS Consulting

Speaker: Mike Hawkins – DUI Defense Attorney, Atlanta, GA

Training Location: Deerfield Commons Training Facility, Alpharetta, GA (North Atlanta)

Date: TBA

Fee: No Fee


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