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Announcement: Anthony Palacios, the DRE/SFST Consultant for Impaired Driving Specialists, LLC has been selected by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers as one of the Top 20 Continuing Legal Education Speakers in the nation for 2018, an award entitled the “Best of the Best.”

IDS Consulting is a nationally renowned law enforcement consulting firm devoted to providing case file analysis, expert witness testimony, and CLE training to prosecutors, defense attorneys, and civil attorneys throughout the nation. With over 44 years of combined progressive law enforcement experience, our consultants enable our firm to provide these services to attorneys in the specialized areas of DWI Detection, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST), Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Evaluations and Techniques, Use of Force and Use of Deadly Force, Police Tactical Techniques, and Drug Interdiction Techniques. Our team of consultants are nationally renowned experts and have trained over 26,000 police officers and over 3,000 attorneys and judges throughout the nation in their area of expertise.

Whether your firm needs a SFST expert, Use of Force expert, Drug Interdiction expert, or an expert in the highly specialized area of the Drug Recognition Expert program, IDS Consulting is here to serve you.

In addition to providing case file analysis and expert witness testimony, IDS Consulting also provides development training for prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, and law enforcement in the NHTSA/IACP DWI Detection & SFST curriculum, ARIDE curriculum, and DRE curriculum.

Our mission, through our team of experts, is to give our clients the prompt, professional, and aggressive service they deserve and desire.