NHTSA's "DWI Detection & SFST Practitioner's Training Course"
March 8-10, 2019 & August 9-11, 2019 & December 6-8, 2019

Approved for 18 CLE hours & 1.5 Trial hours by the State Bar of Georgia

This course will be using the newly released 2018 NHTSA SFST Training Curriculum 

Due to the live alcohol workshops and the proficiency exam, this course is limited to the first 20 registered participants. 

This course is taught by an experienced SFST Instructor who has trained 1000’s of law enforcement officers in the standardized field sobriety tests.

This is not an “overview” or “crash course” on SFSTs. This is the actual 24-hour NHTSA DWI/SFST student training course. This course will be utilizing the newly released 2018 NHTSA training curriculum that has replaced the 2015 curriculum.

Participants will receive the exact training law enforcement officers receive throughout the nation in the most up to date NHTSA “DWI/SFST Practitioners” course. All 16 modules will be covered in order for participants to become a SFST practitioner under NHTSA guidelines.

Learn exactly how officers are trained to administer and interpret the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test, Walk and Turn test, and One Leg Stand test.

Two live alcohol workshops will be conducted so the participants will be able to administer the SFSTs, as well as observe true physical manifestations (bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, etc.) on volunteers with BrACs from 0.00 to 0.15.

Lead Instructor: Anthony D. Palacios – IDS Consulting

Co-Instructor: Tom Ham – Ham Investigations

Trial Techniques Instructor: Michael Hawkins – Hawkins, Spizman, Kilgo

Location: Deerfield Commons Training Facility, Alpharetta, GA (North Atlanta)

Dates: March 8-10, 2019 & August 9-11, 2019 & December 6-8, 2019

Fee: $750 per participant

Areas to be Covered: Detection & General Deterrence, Overview of Detection, Note-Taking and Testimony, Three phases of DWI Detection, Concepts & Principles of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, The Legal Environment, Report Writing & Moot Court.

Participants will Receive: 2018 NHTSA “DWI/SFST” student manual, previous NHTSA student manuals, all course handouts, various studies, and a certificate of course completion.


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